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Hello everyone! We will be regularly updating this page with your daily lessons and tasks. All of the attachments will be available via Caremonkey so this will just be a brief overview. Just a reminder for everyone (including adults!) to join in with the Joe Wicks – PE with Joe at 9am every morning. Here is the link:


This week, as it’s the last week of term, we are going to be doing a few different assessments (not tests, assessments!). They will be in the following order:

Monday: Fractions A (A and B are on the same PDF)

Tuesday: Fractions B (A and B are on the same PDF)

Wednesday: Geometry

Thursday: Arithmetic

Friday: Algebra 

As they are on large, multi-page documents, I would suggest either answering the questions straight from a device or printing out a few PDF pages per sheet – even front and back! Entirely up to you! Also, all of the answers are at the bottom of the document.

I would love to hear about your fantastic scores! Good luck!

Algebra – Assessment Fractions – Assessment Geometry – Assessment

Arithmetic Test 9 ArithmeticPaper9 Arithmetic Test 9

Mr Thomas



Well done to these children who have improved their score in Studio Games last week:

Aodhan KD and Jasmine GH!

For your chance to be mentioned, go on Studio, and try to improve your best score! If you are struggling to improve, go on Garage, which aims to help you improve on the multiplications and divisions you struggle with.


English Week 10
Monday- Write a half of the first draft of the story, using all notes.
Tuesday- Complete your first draft.
Wednesday- Assess, edit and improve.
Thursday- Write a second draft.
Friday- Complete the second draft. Evaluate, share, celebrate.

1. Re-read the ‘Facing the Jabberwock’ text.
2. Fix in your head how the mood and style of the text sounds.
3. Today we will attempt to write half of our stories using our excellent planning notes.
4. Re-read all your notes from the week.
5. This is a superb opportunity for some useful editing. When you look back at your ideas after leaving them for a few days you usually find it easier to spot mistakes or better ideas. Make blue-pen changes if the notes don’t make sense, or you think you can improve.
6. Begin to write your first draft. FIRST PERSON. PAST TENSE. Work slowly. Use your notes!
7. Stop when you have described the arrival of the monster.
8. Look back at what you have written so far. Is it a good mix of: character speech description action thoughts/emotions ? If not, add in whatever is missing now.
9. How else could it be improved? Boring adjectives? Too informal or modern? Varied sentence structures?
10. We will complete the first draft tomorrow.

Jabberwocky poem

Facing the Jabberwock text


  • Monday: Project Science
  • Tuesday: Music
  • Wednesday: PE
  • Thursday: RRS
  • Friday: PSHE

I have swapped PSHE and RRS around, so hope that is not too much of an inconvenience for you! This is all about your right to a quality education!


Mr. Leaning 🙂


Attention Y6s,

I have set up a web page for us all to stay in contact and share some thoughts – doesn’t have to be to do with work!

If you follow the link/URL below, it should take you to my page on PADLET.COM. It is an online message board that allows you to make comments on things – a bit like writing a virtual post-it note and sticking it to a virtual wall.

Your comment will be invisible to start with as I need to approve your comments before they appear on the page – so no calling Mr Thomas horrible names ;)!!

Also, make sure you SIGN YOUR NAME as you will be posting anonymously. 

This is the first time I’ve used this page in a while so it might be a complete disaster – worth a try though eh??

If you’re worried about finding it complicated, just know that it completely baffled Mr Leaning – I left his comment up 😉


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