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‘Y6 Leavers’ Assembly

Hi guys,

Here is the WTLA Leaver’s song. The lyrics are here: Up to High School Final Song

The first one has vocals and the second one is backing only.


Welcome back to a brand new term! It’s term 6 and we have an opportunity to recap some previous maths topics, as well as stretch some of our learning with some tricky challenges. This final week we are working on PUZZLES and INVESTIGATIONS! Prepare yourself for a different type of challenge each day!

Add up to nothing!

Mr Thomas



Well done to these children who have improved their score in Studio Games last week:


For your chance to be mentioned, go on Studio, and try to improve your best score! If you are struggling to improve, go on Garage, which aims to help you improve on the multiplications and divisions you struggle with.


This week you have a range of SPAG activities to work through. If you get stuck, refer to your CGP homework boo. It is all work we have already covered earlier in the year.



  • Monday: RE
  • Tuesday: Spanish
  • Wednesday: PE
  • Thursday: RRS
  • Friday: DT

W15D1RE W15D2Spanish W15D2Spanish2 W15D5DT


Attention Y6s,

I have set up a web page for us all to stay in contact and share some thoughts – doesn’t have to be to do with work!

If you follow the link/URL below, it should take you to my page on PADLET.COM. It is an online message board that allows you to make comments on things – a bit like writing a virtual post-it note and sticking it to a virtual wall.

Your comment will be invisible to start with as I need to approve your comments before they appear on the page – so no calling Mr Thomas horrible names ;)!!

Also, make sure you SIGN YOUR NAME as you will be posting anonymously. 

This is the first time I’ve used this page in a while so it might be a complete disaster – worth a try though eh??

If you’re worried about finding it complicated, just know that it completely baffled Mr Leaning – I left his comment up 😉


(You may need to copy and paste the link above to your address bar)