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Hello everyone! We will be regularly updating this page with your daily lessons and tasks. All of the attachments will be available via Caremonkey so this will just be a brief overview. Just a reminder for everyone (including adults!) to join in with the Joe Wicks – PE with Joe at 9am every morning. Here is the link:


It’s week 2 and it’s our old friend ‘Algebra’. We were very impressed with everyone’s effort when we looked at algebra earlier in the year – let’s keep up the hard work and positive attitudes.

Day 1  – Solving equations (Can you work out what the letters represent?)

Use this AMAZING website to help you if you’re stuck:


Algebra Monday 


Mr Thomas



Well done to these children who have improved their score in Studio Games last week:

Henry CB, Maddison J and Roisin B!

For your chance to be mentioned, go on Studio, and try to improve your best score! If you are struggling to improve, go on Garage, which aims to help you improve on the multiplications and divisions you struggle with.


English Week 2 

Today you are going to write the first half of your newspaper report. Make sure you have all your notes and research to hand.

Write your headline, sub-headline and orientation. Make sure they grab your reader’s attention and emotions.
 Using the Spider text to help you organise your report, write the next two paragraphs. Make sure you lay out any quotes in the same way as the Spider text does.
Stop and read what you have done so far out loud. Have you made the What, When and Where clear? Does it sound formal enough? How have you stirred your reader’s emotions?


Hope you have had a lovely weekend everyone! We are going to kick start with a RE lesson. Remember, we are working on our conversational skills in our RE lessons, so do not be afraid to say what you believe in (your grown-ups can address anything that you may not understand).

We have been looking at the following question this year: is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture, or in charity and generosity?


See attached, there is a bit of reading to help you understand a Christian’s viewpoint on charity.

Mr. Leaning 🙂

Parent/carers: Be careful with Task 5 if your child has shown anxiety with current events; the website has some projects on there regarding this. However, they are positive projects which aims to improve the situation, not cause more anxiety.