Welcome Back to Year 5 

We hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas break and are now looking forward to the exciting new work we will be doing in the spring term!

A copy of the 2018/19 Information Booklet can be found here:

booklet year 5 2018

Year 5 Team

Left to right:

Mrs Hibbitt, Mrs Cole, Mr Wright, Ms Welling, Mr Burtonshaw, Ms Trott, Mrs Gibbs, Mr Evans, Mrs Perry


This term our project is: IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?

We will be learning all about the space, in particular the solar system and how the earth, sun and moon work, and discussing questions like:

  1. How big is the solar system?
  2. What planets are in the solar system?
  3. What is it like in space?
  4. What do we know about space travel?
  5. What are the orbits of the earth and moon and how long do they take?
  6. Why do we have day and night?
  7. Why do we have seasons?

For our WOW event we will be making exploding rockets!

Dates For Your Diary:

Term 1 begins : 7th Jan

Theatre visit – The Selfish Giant : 16th Jan

Maths Adventure Day : 25th Jan

We the Curious visits : 29th Jan (5LW) 30th Jan (5B) 31st Jan (5JW)

5B class assembly : 7th Feb

5JW class assembly : 8th Feb

5LW class assembly : 14th Feb

Parents evenings : 12th & 13th Feb

End of term 3 : 14th Feb

INSET day : 15th Feb

Term 4 begins : 25th Feb

World Book Day (dressing up) : 1st Mar

Term 4 ends : 5th Apr


Year 5 will be given homework on a Friday and it is essential that it is completed as it gives children the opportunity to independently practice the skills they have acquired in school and extend their learning.

Homework given each week in Year 5 is:

  • One piece of English homework;
  • One piece of Maths homework;
  • Spellings;
  • Homework tasks researching specific areas for our project is given when required.

Children may be set activities that require Internet access.  We appreciate not every child has home access to the Internet. Should this be the case, please contact your child’s class teacher in advance so alternative arrangements can be made.

Children should also be regularly reading at home. All reading, whether aloud to parents or quietly to themselves, should be recorded in their reading records, which must be in school every day.

RRS year 5 – all of year 5 have signed class charters at the beginning of the year to agree how our rights will be respected by pupils and adults throughout the school.

The main articles that we felt were appropriate for our class setting were : 12, 13, 14, 24, 28, 29, 30 and 31.

For a full list of articles please click on the logo below: