Last Week’s Learning

It’s been really lovely to see a selection of children’s work this week – excellent learning.

Home Learning

Hello everyone! We will be regularly updating this page with your daily lessons and tasks. All of the attachments will be available via Caremonkey so this will just be a brief overview. Just a reminder for everyone (including adults!) to join in with the Joe Wicks – PE with Joe at 9am every morning. Here is the link:

Monday 30th March 2020

Hi everyone – hope you’ve had a great weekend and are ready for this week’s leaning. The Caremonkey for Monday’s learning included 5 attachments, thus you will receive two emails with all of the resources. Don’t forget to keep practising your TTRockstar’s times tables; well done to all of you who have been already!

Stay safe and have fun,

Year 5 Team.

9am LIVE DAILY on YouTube – Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, ‘PE with Joe’


LO: To identify, explain and create Cinquain poems

This week you will be learning about a variety of poems and having a go at writing your own. Read through the pdf of notebook slides which would have been used in class to gain an understanding of a ‘Cinquain’ poem. Follow the steps to try and write a few of your own, at least one needs to have a space theme.

Once you have written a few Cinquain poems, have a go at making Cinquain poems that tell a story, maybe about your time at home with family : )

Don’t forget to start practising your spelling words for this week and continue your chapter reading.


LO: To place mixed numbers on number lines

This week we’ll be learning about fractions (scary I know!). It’s not really that scary, I promise. Today you’ll begin ordering mixed number fraction on a number line, start with the largest number (the whole number) and then look at the fraction of the number. For example, if you were ordering 3 ⅘ on a number line, first look at the 3 (the whole number) and then ¾ (the fraction) – it’s that easy!

Challenge 1: Complete questions 1 to 4 on the PDF Slides.

Challenge 2: Complete questions 1 to 8 on the PDF Slides.

Challenge 3: Complete the converting and ordering fraction sheet (attached).

Mastery: Complete the tricky fraction word problems (attached).

Don’t forget to log into TTRockstars on a daily basis too!


LO: Use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night 


You can look at this picture of the Sun and slowly rotate a quarter-turn at a time as if you were planet Earth. What can you see? This is how day and night occurs.

Can you explain day and night?

Use the PDF attached to help.

Task: Using a diagram, explain how day and night occurs.

Challenge 1: Use the diagram to fill in the blank spaces using the word bank.

Challenge 2: Use the diagram and word bank to make up your own explanation

Challenge 3: Draw a diagram and explain day and night independently.

A Reminder


A reminder to all parents and carers: please encourage your children to use the TTRockstar App as much as possible; just 10 minutes a day can have an impact on their times table knowldge. If there are any problem with the app or you have misplaced a log-in, please let your class teacher know! Maybe this term your child’s class will win the cup!

RRS Year 5 – All of year 5 have signed class charters at the beginning of the year to agree how our rights will be respected by pupils and adults throughout the school.

The main articles that we felt were appropriate for our class setting were : 12, 13, 14, 24, 28, 29, 30 and 31.

For a full list of articles please click on the logo below: