Year 5 Team

Left to right: Mr. Leaning, Miss Welling, Mr. Burtonshaw and Mrs. Gibbs. Also in Year 5 is Miss Trott and Mr. Evans (PE).

Welcome Back

I hope you’ve all had a restful half-term and a productive few weeks.

A polite reminder: could you make sure your child(ren)’s water bottle is full at the beginning of the school day; if you need to email/contact your class teacher, could you please email the office, who will forward the message on.

Term Overview

Below is a link to a termly overview for this term (Term 4).

Termly Overview (Term 4)


For English this term, we’ll be focusing on two types of text: a biography and a warning story. Additionally, during week 2 of this term, we’ll be focusing on a specific text as part of our World Book Week. In terms of SPaG, children will be learning how to effectively use subheadings, bullet points, subordinate clauses, word classes and verb forms.


During this term children will be learning about: 2D shapes, angles, negative numbers, rounding, decimals and percentages. Furthermore, there will be opportunities for consolidation at the end of the term in order to revisit any areas of development.


Term’s Project: This term’s project is space-related; therefore, it takes on a science focus. As part of the project, children will be creating a planetarium using a range of D and T skills.

Science: This term, children will be learning about forces, friction and water resistance.

Computing: Excel spreadsheets will be the focus of this term.

Art: We’ll be analysing, appreciating, recreating and upgrading pieces from Luke Jerram’s collection.

RE: RE will focus on the moral lessons from Jesus’ teaching, which include: fairness, generosity and right and wrong.

PSHE: Topics for this term include learning about the risks associated with smoking and alcohol as well as learning about emergency aid. There will be a focus in the first week back (Week 3) on mental health and adjusting back to school.

PE: PE will focus on balancing skills.

Music: We’ll be learning, singing and performing ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele.

Spanish: We’ll be learning Spanish words and phrases associated with clothes.

A Reminder


Every week, someone in each class will receive a TT Rockstar trophy, so make sure you’re practising your timetables skills!

A reminder to all parents and carers: please encourage your children to use the TTRockstar App as much as possible; just 10 minutes a day can have an impact on their times table knowledge. If there are any problems with the app or you have misplaced a log-in, please let your class teacher know! Maybe this term your child’s class will win the cup!

RRS Year 5 – All of year 5 have signed class charters at the beginning of the year to agree on how our rights will be respected by pupils and adults throughout the school.

The main articles that we felt were appropriate for our class setting were: 12, 13, 14, 24, 28, 29, 30 and 31.

For a full list of articles please click on the logo below:


Mathematics Week 1 & 2:

This week. We’ll be looking at angles, regular and irregular shapes. Below are links that children can watch to explain methods and address common misconceptions:

Identify Angles

Identify Angles in 2D Shapes

Revise Angles

2D Shapes and Based on Properties

Revise Shapes

Lines of Symmetry

Calculate Perimeter

Calculate Area

Online Protractor