Left to Right : Mrs Wright, Mr Wright, Mr Evans, Mr Wilson, Mrs Hibbitt, Ms Hardisty, Miss Jones, Mrs Thatcher.

Welcome to Year 4! 

Here is the Year 4 team! Mr. Wright, Mr Wilson, Miss Jones,  – Mr. Evans will be teaching P.E this year. Additional support from Mrs Hardisty, Mrs Wright, Mrs Thatcher & Mrs Hibbitt.


Latest Home Learning

Friday 27th March



Today you will be focussing on Mrs Wordsmith words, as well as writing a paragraph answering the question: Can kindness change the world?

Friday English



This activity involves dividing decimal numbers by 10 and 100. There are 3 differentiated challenges to attempt with answers included. 

Remember when you divide by 10 you move the number one place to the right. When you divide by 100 you move the number 2 places to the right (the same as dividing by 10 and then dividing by 10 again.

This online place value slider may be useful to help show the number moving. (The children have used these sliders in class before)

https://www.numeracyhelper.com/pvslider/ (you will need to allow ‘flash’ for it to work.)

Divide by 10 and 100 Home Learning Friday



Today, your final foundation subject task of the week is to learn some Spanish! There are a few phrases you are going to learn today and they are:

  • Hi
  • I’m…
  • My name is…
  • Nice to meet you
  • Thank you
  • Thank you very much
  • You’re welcome

You will learn how to say and write these phrases whilst practising with those at home around you.

Buena suerte!

Spanish Activity – Friday


Final ‘Thunk’ of the week:

‘Are heroes ever scared?’


Thursday 26th March


You should now have an edited and upgraded wishing story. I hope you’re proud of it! Today, you will create a final draft of this story, including all of the changes that you made yesterday. This should be done in your best handwriting.

You can add an illustration when you finish, if you like.

It would also be nice to read your story to someone at home – I’m sure they would love to hear it.

Thursday English



Today’s activity involves comparing decimal numbers using the inequality signs < and >.

There are 3 different level challenges for children to attempt. Remember the crocodile always eats the larger number so 4 < 6 (4 is less than 6) and 6 > 4 (6 is greater than 4.)

Also, be careful with the number of decimal places.  i.e. 6.4 > 6.23 because 6.4 is the same as 6.40, always look at the tenths column first is the whole numbers are the same.

Compare Decimals Thursday



During our art topic this term, we worked on using charcoal to create light, shade and shadow. We are now going to transfer these skills to using a pencil rather than charcoal.

Your tasks today will be to practise creating light and shade on a simple circle and then use this to create your own still life image with objects around your home.

Use the tips and the advice on the document to help you create your own artwork.

Good luck and take your time to create those masterpieces!

Art Activity – Thursday


Today’s Thunk:

What is more important, being right or being nice?


Wednesday 25th March


Following on from yesterday, you will now be editing and upgrading your wishing story. This means correcting any mistakes and also looking for opportunities to make your work even better. Try to do this in a different colour pen/pencil to that which you used yesterday.

For example:

The elf perched on the table.


The inquisitive elf perched on the ancient table. 

Wednesday English



Today’s activity involves children finding the mystery decimal numbers by solving the clues/ riddle that they are given.

It’s tricky so show resilience and see how many you can solve.

(Answers are included adults – do not worry!)

Decimal Place Value Riddle Cards Wednesday


In continuation with our music topic this term, today’s music task is going to show off your beautiful singing voices!

First, you will need to listen to a song called ‘Amazing Grace’ by Elvis Presley. You can find a link to the song here:


Whilst you are listening to this song, consider these questions:

  • Do you like the song?
  • What can you hear?
  • What is the style of this music?
  • How is the song put together?

There is some information for parents in the document below that you might like to discuss with the children and possible answers to the questions above.

When you have listened to the song, listen again to Lean on Me by Bill Withers. You can find the song Lean on Me with the lyrics here:


  • How are these songs similar?
  • How are these songs different?
  • Which song is your favourite? Why?

Now all the talking is over, get your singing voices and your hairbrush microphones at the ready! This is the time to show the people at home how well you can sing this song. Try and clap, click or use your body to show how you can find the pulse of the song as well.

Good luck to all the ears in Bristol…

Music Task – Wednesday


Wednesday’s ‘Thunk’:

‘Would you rather be a brave fool or a clever coward?’



If you were unable to access the Year 4 Home Learning Pack that was originally sent out last Wednesday, it is available to download via Twinkl. If you do not already have an account, it is currently free to sign up as a parent/carer. Once you are logged in, search ‘Year 4 School Closure Home Learning Resource Pack’ and you should be able to download it straight from the website.



Key dates

Term 4 begins : Feb 24th

Parents Evenings : Feb 25th & 26th

Visits to Caerleon : March 2nd, 3rd & 4th

World Book Day : March 5th

End of term 4 : April 3rd

Camp Dates, Barton Hall: 11th – 13th May 2020


Homework will be set weekly – going home on a Friday and due in on the following Wednesday.

Please do support your child at home with writing, reading, spellings, times tables and maths using the interactive games on the ActiveLearn website. Log in to ActiveLearn using the first four letters of your forename and surname, followed by the password ‘rat’ and the school code ‘wtla’.

TT tables rock stars is also available online.