Left to Right : Mrs Wright, Mr Wright, Mr Evans, Mr Wilson, Mrs Hibbitt, Ms Hardisty, Miss Jones, Mrs Thatcher.

Welcome to Year 4! 

Here is the Year 4 team! Mr. Wright, Mr Wilson, Miss Jones,  – Mr. Evans will be teaching P.E this year. Additional support from Mrs Hardisty, Mrs Wright, Mrs Thatcher & Mrs Hibbitt.


Latest Home Learning

Half Term Science Project

Happy Half Term Year 4!

As you will already know, we are not setting daily activities over the half term break. We think it is important that the children have a bit of rest from their home learning and enjoy spending some quality time with the people around them.

We are setting a small project though which should be a brilliant way to finish off their science topic on ‘Living Things’ which so many of you have enjoyed. The project is all about bees! In the document below, you will find four different activities related to bees. These can be done over the half term week so there is no rush to get it all done over the first weekend.

We hope you enjoy learning about bees, finding out how important they are for humans and the environment and hopefully spending some time in the sun.

Have a wonderful half term and enjoy the rest. You all deserve it!

Team Year 4

Half Term Science Project


Friday 22nd May


Today, you will be focusing on Mrs Wordsmith words, as well as writing a paragraph answering the question: When was a time that you felt lucky?  

Friday – English



Please find below the maths activity for Friday 22nd May. First, the children will hopefully be solving the fifth and final clue to solve the ‘Mystery of the Spoiled Party Bags!’ I hope you manage to catch the culprit! (I know some children have already caught the person.)

The second activity is to crack some secret messages that have been written in Morse code. There are 3 messages to decode using the Morse code translator on the last page of the attachment.

As an extension, why not write your own secret message in Morse code and try sending it to a friend either by text or phone. Remember a dot is a short sound and a dash represents a longer sound.

Finally, please find below a list of useful websites for those that may want help to fill some time during the half term holiday with useful maths resources and other more fun links. They are just some sites that Mr Wright has tried with his daughters, from dancing with Oti Mabuse to exploring the British museum in a journey through time!

Have fun and may we also take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful half term break. Thank you for all you are doing to support your children at home during this unprecedented time. You’re doing an amazing job!

Morse Code

Useful Websites for Year 4



Please find below Friday’s Spanish activity. To finish off the week, your Spanish task will be to learn how to say the 7 days of the week with a catchy tune!

Spanish Activity – Friday


Friday’s Thunk:

Is a millionaire who is marooned on a desert island still a millionaire?


Thursday 21st May


You should now have an innovated lost and found story about a lion cub that gets lost in a jungle and returns to its home in the grasslands.

Today, I would like you to draw a map, showing the route of the lion cub and tiger’s journey. Include lots of detail; for instance, the jungle, grasslands and anywhere they pass on the way, as well as the characters themselves. Spend plenty of time carefully drawing and colouring the map to make sure it looks great!

Thursday – English



Please continue with clues 3 and 4 to solve the ‘Mystery of the Spoiled Party Bags’.

The Mystery of the Spoiled Party Bags



For Thursday’s task, the children will need to be creative and channel their inner ‘Andy Goldsworthy.’ Some of you have already begun creating your own artwork using the natural world but today you will have a chance to design and then craft your own masterpiece. Good luck!

Art Activity – Thursday


Thursday’s Thunk:

If someone is begging for money and I don’t give them any so, to prevent themselves from starving, they managed to get a job and in a few years were rich, have I been nicer to them than the person who gave them a pound?


Wednesday 20th May


Today, you will be writing out your innovation that you planned yesterday. See the document below for more guidance.

Wednesday – English

The Lost Polar Bear



Please find below the maths activity for Wednesday 20th May. The children will need to solve the ‘Mystery of the Spoiled Party Bags!’ Disaster has struck, someone has stolen all the gifts from inside Freddie’s party bags – can you help catch the thief and help send everyone home happy from the party?

There are 5 clues to solve that will help you to reduce the number of suspects from 24 down to 1. You need to solve clues 1 and 2 on Wednesday, then clues 3 and 4 on Thursday and the final clue on Friday. (Please see the weekly timetable.)

Good luck detectives.

The Mystery of the Spoiled Party Bags



Please find below the music activity for tomorrow. The task will continue looking at the musical talents of The Beatles. The children will need to compare the original song ‘Blackbird’ to ‘Hey Jude’ and then look at little more at who The Beatles were and how successful they were around the world.

Music Activity – Wednesday


Wednesday’s Thunk:

If I lose my memory, am I the same person?


Tuesday 19th May


Today, you will be planning a box-up to innovate our lost and found story, before writing your innovation tomorrow. See the document below for more details.

Tuesday – English

The Lost Polar Bear

Box Up



Please find below the maths activity for Tuesday 19th May. This is a football themed times table mosaic challenge which requires multiplication and division skills. There are 6 challenges to choose from, advancing in difficulty, which will give different picture answers.

  • 3 times table
  • 4 times table
  • 8 times table
  • 3, 4 & 8 times tables
  • Mixed times tables
  • Mixed times tables (harder)

I am hoping most children will choose to do one of the mixed times table challenges to really push themselves.

Please remember to keep playing TT Rockstars as well to maintain your times table knowledge and rapid recall of multiplication and division facts. (I do check who’s playing each week!)

Thanks for your support. Good luck.

Football Themed Multiplication Tables and Division Facts Maths Mosaic Activity Sheets



Please find below the PE Activity for tomorrow’s foundation activity. Mr Evans will have sent out the tasks already but they are attached as a reminder if you wish. The focus for this week is coordination including floor movement patterns.

Week 9 PE Year 3-4

Challenge 10 (Yellow – Green)

Challenge 10 (Red – Blue)

Challenge 10 (Pink – Black)


Tuesday’s Thunk:

What colour would a zebra be if you took its stripes off?


Monday 18th May


Today, we are going to be working on embedded/drop-in clauses. Have a look at the document below for some guidance and your activity.

Monday – English

Embedded Clauses



Thank you so much to all the parents and children who have sent me feedback from the tests this week. Overall the feedback has been very positive and I would like to thank you for supporting your children so effectively during this lockdown period.

Interestingly, the most common feedback I received from parents was stating that children either: rushed the work; didn’t read the question properly; tried to solve the calculation mentally without showing their working; or made a careless mistake which they didn’t check. Welcome to the frustrating world of teaching! Over the last 20 years I have yet to find a solution to these issues regardless of how much ‘nagging’ or friendly reminders I give children to check their work when they finish or to show their working. If you find a solution to this, patent it and you’ll become a millionaire! Seriously, do please keep encouraging your children to learn from their mistakes and to check their work carefully. Bright young mathematicians tend to think it is ‘clever’ to try and solve calculations mentally when it is much ‘smarter’ to show their working and get the answer correct! This is a great habit to form for the more complicated maths they will encounter in secondary school.

There were several common themes arising from the feedback I received this week such as: fractions, decimals, reading graphs, statistics, division (bus stop method), missing number calculations, rounding and word problems. I will be using this information to plan the term 6 maths after half term.

Please find attached a timetable for this week’s maths which, as promised, contains more fun based activities. This includes, back by popular demand, a mystery solving task similar to the Easter Bunny Costume one, from which I received very positive feedback.

Tomorrow’s task (Monday 18th May) is an emoji code breaking activity which involves addition and subtraction skills. There are 3 challenges to choose from either 2, 3 or 4 digit numbers. Answers are included. As an extension, why not create your own code using emojis to send to a friend!

Good luck detectives. Thanks for your support.

Emoji Code Breaking



Please find below Monday’s geography activity. The children are going to learn about deforestation and how this is having an effect on our planet Earth. With the information they find out, they can either film their own TV News Report if you have the accessibility or write the script for a TV News Report!

Don’t forget to send the finished results to your teacher as I’m sure they’d love to see it.

Geography Activity – Monday

Deforestation Information

Deforestation Factsheet


Monday’s Thunk:

If the water in the river changes all the time, what or where exactly is the river?



If you were unable to access the Year 4 Home Learning Pack that was originally sent out last Wednesday, it is available to download via Twinkl. If you do not already have an account, it is currently free to sign up as a parent/carer. Once you are logged in, search ‘Year 4 School Closure Home Learning Resource Pack’ and you should be able to download it straight from the website.