Monday x tables weekly ammendableWeek beg June 8th – Y3 timetableWednesday 20th May – PSHE3C – Mr Calloway

3DS – Mrs Davidson-Sault / Mr Dyer (trainee teacher)

3O – Miss Derbyshire

TA’s – Mrs Driscoll, Mrs Thatcher

Cover teacher-  Mrs Wallace

Sports coaches – Mr Evans, Mr Boon

Week Beginning 13.07.2020

Week 7

The last week of the strangest school year of our lives has arrived! Well done to you all for the way you have all made the most of this situation. I have no doubt you’ve all done your absolute best with your children’s education. This week, you an pick and choose from the maths and english booklets (some are pribtables but many can be done without printing). Project will still be uploaded daily. Have a great last week!


Mr Calloway

Weekly timetable

Week beginning 13th July

Week beginning 13th July

English summer work booklet and answer booklet:

Year 3 Summer English Activity Booklet



Summer work booklet and answer booklet:

Year 3 Summer Booklet – Questions

Year 3 Summer Booklet – Answers


Foundation subjects

Monday: Invent your own comic strip:

Monday 13th – comic strip

Tuesday: Invent a game

Tuesday 14th – invent a game

Wednesday: Have a go at designing your own playground today.

Wednesday 14th – Design a playground

Thursday: Have a go at these science quizzes

Friday 17th July – art activities

Friday: Here is your final project upload:

Friday 17th July – art activities

Exception word mat Year 1 2 3 4

Year 3 Arithmetic Methods Booklet


Here is a PDF of the powerpoint from the Back To School night for your reference and if anyone missed it.