3C – Mr Calloway

3DS – Mrs Davidson-Sault / Mr Dyer (trainee teacher)

3O – Miss Ostrehan

TA’s – Mrs Driscoll, Mrs Thatcher

Cover teacher-  Mrs Wallace

Sports coaches – Mr Evans, Mr Boon

Week Beginning 30.3.20

Hello Year 3! We hope you are all well and have enjoyed working through your Home Learning activities so far. Don’t forget to have some exercise and fresh air each day – maybe you are joining in with Joe Wicks for a workout every morning at 9 A.M.? 

English, Maths and Project work will be sent through to you each day via Caremonkey. Please find a summary below:

Monday 30.3.20 Your English work today is to continue to practise spelling and reading exception words. Choose different words than last week to challenge yourself. The spelling sheet was attached last Monday if you need it. 

Y3 English 30.3

Exception word mat Year 1 2 3 4

Maths- 30.03.2020

Hi All,

I would like you all to practise your times table knowledge. You can use TT-Rockstars and other websites to help with this. Some website links have been included on the attachment. 

Happy Learning. 

Maths – Monday 30th March

Year 3 Arithmetic Methods Booklet


Here is a PDF of the powerpoint from the Back To School night for your reference and if anyone missed it.