3C – Mr Calloway

3DS – Mrs Davidson-Sault / Mr Dyer (trainee teacher)

3O – Miss Ostrehan

TA’s – Mrs Perry, Mrs Trott, Mrs Hibbitt

Cover teachers – Miss Thomas, Mrs Wright

Sports coaches – Mr Evans, Mr Boon


Term 1 Autumn 2019

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a great summer and everyone is ready to learn lots of new exciting things!

Our first project is called ‘How did they get there?’ It is a History based project in which the pupils will learn about life in the Stone Age as well as Science facts about rocks and soils. 

A copy of our Year 3 Arithmetic Methods Booklet can be found here:

Year 3 Arithmetic Methods Booklet

Key dates for Term

Term Begins: Tuesday 3rd September

Back to school Night Wednesday 18th September 

Poetry celebration 15th October

Parent’s Evening October 22nd/23rd

End of Term 1: 25th October 

Start of Term 2: 4th November 

End of Term 2: December 18th 

Inset Days 19th/20th

PE Times: 

3DS – Thursday PM with Mr Evans

3C – Friday PM with Mr Boon

3O -Thursday PM with Mr Boon

Rights Respecting Schools

West Town Lane Academy is a Rights Respecting School. This means that all of the children are made aware of their rights as outlined by the UN convention. It is important that they understand that these are what they are ALL entitled to have and no-one can take these away from them. Every class has a charter outlining some of these rights. They look great so keep an eye out as you are around the classrooms.

General Information

Every day, the children will have an English and Maths lesson as a whole class. Afternoons will be filled with foundation subjects, all set within the context of our current project.

The children will be changing their own own books when required.  Now that their books are longer we encourage children to not rush through them and even try re-reading a book before changing it. They should be able to recall the story’s events, describe the characters and identify language patterns such as rhyming in the book they are reading. Please try to listen to your child read regularly and record this in their reading record – this can even be for only 10 minutes.  Each week, the children in each class who have read at least three times at home will have their names displayed on a reward chart and celebrated.  

Homework will be given out every Friday, to be returned back every  Wednesday. The children will be required to complete a Maths and English challenge given in their homework books, which will relate to the learning the children have been focusing on during the week.

Shortly the pupils will be given weekly spellings to learn for a test ( As in Year 2). We will also be giving out a list of the Common Exception words to be learned through out the year. 

Times tables tests (Following from Year 2) will begin shortly.

Please ensure children arrive at school with all belongings clearly labelled with their name and class. In year 3 children no longer have fruit provided therefore they may bring  healthy snack or 50 p for morning break time to spend in the Tuck shop. 

 If you need to speak with the class teacher then the end of day is less busy and we will always try to be available.  Obviously morning times as the pupils are coming in to school can be rather hectic.  Occasionally due to meetings this will not be possible. You may also arrange a meeting with us through the office.