Back L-R: Mrs Reis, Mr Boon, Miss Perry, Miss Palmer.

Front L-R: , Mr Whiddington (1W), Mr Brown (1B), Mrs King (1K).


Welcome to Term 5! Look for blue text for ideas on how you can join in with our learning at home!

New project

Swoosh swoosh! Can you hear the blustery wind? That’s the sound of Rain, Wind or Shine our new project learning all about that favourite British discussion topic, the weather. Did any of you also spot a fancy word in our opening line above? That’ll be a Mrs Wordsmith word, read on for more…

Mrs Wordsmith

You may have noticed the children using fancy new words at home such as ‘blustery’ instead of ‘windy’ and ‘scorching’ instead of ‘hot’. This is a whole school incentive to encourage children into a richer vocabulary in order for them to access more challenging books and race up the reading chart! Hopefully you’re as amazed as us at how confidently the children are using these! Ask children to describe the weather each day using their new weather words such as ‘overcast’. We bet you’ll be amazed!


The children are doing brilliantly in their reading and we are on track for good results in our phonics screening which takes place in early June (specific dates below). Thanks for all your work at home and please continue to read with the children daily while asking questions such as ‘how do you think the character is feeling?’ to encourage understanding of the book.


Maths this term will be going over 3D shapes names, spotting number pairs to 10 when adding 3 numbers (e.g. 6 + 4 + 3), measuring weight and capacity, fractions, naming coins and notes. At home you could test the children’s knowledge of  names of coins and notes with your pocket change!


The children will be reading the classic Jack and the Beanstalk! You can find some great versions of this timeless classic on YouTube.

You can also find our version that we are reading to the children at the bottom of this page.

We are asking the children to use openers (e.g. often ending in ly such as ‘interestingly’) and conjunctions (e.g. ‘because’ to explain, ‘which’ to add more detail) to make their writing even more interesting. For example: Surprisingly, Year 1 is fabulous because we learn about weather which is fascinating.

Adult readers

Thanks to the parents who have already volunteered! If you would like to come in and read for the final 2 terms please email and copy me in to declare your interest. Thanks!

booklet year 1 2019

Key dates for diary

Monday 13th and Friday 17th May – Year 1 Fire Brigade Visits. See lesson coverage below.

Monday 10th June – 1B Phonics Screening

Tuesday 11th June – 1K Phonics Screening

Thursday 13th June – 1W Phonics Screening


Many thanks, Year 1 team.


We are a rights respecting school.

Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.


Jack and the Beanstalk Year 1