Welcome to year 1 home page. You will find information on our current term’s project and important dates below. Just below you will also see our new termly plan which will show a breakdown of what we will be learning about!

Please click here for our Medium Term Plan Term 1

Dates for you diary:

  • Tuesday 21st September – Back to school night for parents/carers. Conducted via Zoom, a brief introduction to what your children will be doing in year one. Survival tips included.

Reading Volunteers

We look forward to parents/carers coming to join our ‘reading army’ and read with children in school. If you have a spare morning/s or afternoon/s we would love to have you! To volunteer, please speak to the teacher at the door. As well as assisting children in their reading, parent readers have first dibs on coming on school trips!


Reading is perhaps the most important subject in year one as it allows children to access more and more knowledge, as well as providing the basis for writing and maths. While the school encourages children to read to adults at home 3 times a week, we would recommend building a daily reading routine from the outset and in year 1 we do not set homework in order to allow for this.

We will continue to read new texts each week in order to enhance our reading skills. We use the Twinkl Reading Dogs to talk about different reading skills. See the attached document below to learn more about Inference Iggy, Predicting Pip, Rex Retriever, Sequencing Suki and Vocabulary Victor and bring them and their question types into your daily reading at home. Reading books will continue to be changed once a week. Please continue to read with children as a part of your/their daily routine!

KS1 An Introduction to the Totally Pawsome Reading Gang PowerPoint

What am I made of?

Term 1 will see a new science-based project about our fascinating bodies. As ever, our project will be enquiry-based, focusing on answering the children’s questions. Such wonderful questions from past years have been: Why is blood red? Can we live without bones? Why should I brush my teeth?


This term we will cover fiction stories based around the age old classic, Funnybones. You can find a wonderful version of the story here. We will also be learning about riddles and then writing our own!


During Maths this term we will be learning the following in this order:

  • Sorting objects
  • Counting objects
  • Respresenting objects
  • Counting forwards
  • Counting backwards
  • Count one more
  • Count one less
  • Counting
  • One to one correspondance
  • Compare objects
  • <>=
  • Comparing
  • Ordering
  • Introducing number lines


Spellings will not start until Term 2.

Many thanks, Year 1 team.

We are a rights respecting school.

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