Year 1 teachers L-R: Mr Whiddington (1W), Mr Brown (1B), Mrs King (1K).

Year 1 support staff L-R: Mrs Ashwin (1W), Mr Boon (PE), Mrs Reis (1K), Miss Cox (1B).

Hello everybody! Welcome to the year one page. Above you will see thre year 1 staff for this year.


Thank you for all the reading you are already doing with the children! Book changes are now only happening once a week but this should be ample time to read books over and over again! While this may sound boring, the idea is that the children read first for fluency and as they become more familiar with the story you can begin to ask them questions during the second and third reads. Why not try the following questions:

How do you think they are feeling? Who are the characters? Where is the story happening? How do you know?

Reading continues to be the key part of year 1. Research shows that the more the children read, the better they become in many different areas such as Writing, Maths and Science as they become more exposed to new words!

New Project

Our project this term is ‘What makes Bristol brilliant?’ which is a Geography and History-based project where we will be exploring the environment and map reading as well as the History of Bristol.

English Home Learning

This Term our text is the classic ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. All us teachers read this as children and we expect many of you adults did too! We can’t wait to bring this classic tale and all the new vocabulary it contains to the children.

During handwriting the children will begin to learn their cursive letter formation.

Foundation subjects

This Term we will be exploring new Geography and History skills, we will also be discovering new Scientific language while observing animal groupings.


During Maths this term we will be reviewing number formation, number sentences and basic number bonds where the children also love to get artistic and make linky chains of different colours to show their knowledge!


Spellings will start the week beginning 9.11.20.

Many thanks, Year 1 team.

We are a rights respecting school.

Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.