Back L-R: Mrs Milkins, Mrs Roe, Mrs Hogg, Mr Boon.

Front L-R: Mr Whiddington (1W), Mr Brown (1B), Mrs King (1K).

Welcome to Term 3! Can you believe we are two-thirds through our year already?! The children are becoming so confident and learning and growing daily!

Why not look for green text for ideas on how you can join in with learning at home!

Can you hear the rumble in the jungle?

During this new Geography-based project the children will be learning all things jungle including where in the world we can find rainforests and what lives and grows there! Feel free to let them watch educational videos about the jungle/rainforests on the BBC website for example

Or find more information here:


Thanks for all the reading you do at home! The children should hopefully be over half way in their reading records by now and this is helping them to progress faster in class. If you are struggling to read at home please let the class teacher know so that we can make arrangements in school.

You can encourage their understanding of the book by asking questions such as ‘How is this character feeling? How do you know?’ Thanks!

Adult readers

We have had some parents already volunteer to come into the school and they are thoroughly enjoying being part of our class success. We can always use more though! Volunteers also get first dibs to come on any trips! Please email and copy me in to declare your interest. Thanks!

Mrs Wordsmith

You may notice the children using fancy new words at home such as ‘coastal’. Ask children which wordsmith word they are learning. We bet you’ll be amazed!


Maths this term will be continuing number bonds to 10 (e.g. 7+3) and starting to use them in word problems! At home you could test the children’s knowledge of  these by calling out a number and seeing if they know it’s number pair to 10!


The children will be reading the classic Rumble in the Jungle! You can find some great versions of this timeless classic on YouTube.

Key dates for diary

Friday 14th February (Inset Day)

Many thanks, Year 1 team.

We are a rights respecting school.

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