Back L-R: Mrs Milkins, Mrs Roe, Mrs Hogg, Mr Boon.

Front L-R: Mr Whiddington (1W), Mr Brown (1B), Mrs King (1K).

Hello all. Please see the below to help you while the children learn at home.

May Half Term 

Collage Half Term Activity

Maths Home Learning

This week we will be moving on to learning our months!

Maths Y1 – Thursday 21st May

Maths Y1 – Wednesday 20th May

Maths Y1 – Tuesday 19th May

Maths Y1 – Monday 18th May

Maths Y1 – Friday 15th May

Maths Y1 – Thursday 14th May

Maths Y1 – Wednesday 13th May

Maths Y1 – Tuesday 12th May

Maths Y1 – Monday 11th May

English Home Learning

English Yr1 Monday 11th

Phonics Yr1 Monday 11th

English Yr1 Tuesday 12th

Phonics Yr1 Tuesday 12th

English Yr1 Wednesday 13th

Phonics Yr1 Wednesday 13th

English Yr1 Thursday 14th

Phonics Yr1 Thursday 14th

English Yr1 Friday 15th

Phonics Yr1 Friday 15th

English Yr1 Monday 18th

Phonics Yr1 Monday 18th

English Yr1 Tuesday 19th

Phonics Yr1 Tuesday 19th

English Yr1 Wednesday 20th

Phonics Yr1 Wednesday 20th

English Yr1 Thursday 21st

Phonics Yr1 Thursday 21st

English Yr1 Friday 22nd

Phonics Yr1 Friday 22nd

Project Home Learning

Monday DT

Tuesday DT

Wednesday PHSE

Thursday Music

Friday RRS


Please continue to practise weekly spellings. The recording of spellings can be in either the spelling book or the home work book. 


Many thanks, Year 1 team.


We are a rights respecting school.

Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.