Back L-R: Mrs Reis, Mr Boon, Miss Perry, Miss Palmer.

Front L-R: , Mr Whiddington (1W), Mr Brown (1B), Mrs King (1K).


Happy Term 2!

New project

This term’s project is steeped in the history and geography of the local area and is all about our local area and is entitled ‘What Makes Brislington Brilliant?’. We begin with our Wow Day in week 1 during which we will make a 3D map of the school.


New books continue to be given to children. Hopefully your child’s reading record should be roughly half full by now. Please continue to read with your children daily to ensure their progress this year, we continue to not give out class homework to make time for this! There will be prizes for children with full reading records!


Maths this term will cover ordinal numbers, place words, measuring length and height.


The children will read the classic ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fairy tale and then innovate it!

We have so much going on this year so for more information on key dates and events please click on the link below which will take you the official school year 1 booklet:

Adult readers

Thanks to the parents who have already volunteered! If you would like to come in and read please email to declare your interest. Thanks!

booklet year 1 2019

Here are also some key dates for your diary. The ones in italics are for parents to attend:

Tuesday 20th November – 1K Wow Day – Callington Nature Reserve visit.

Wednesday 21st November – 1W Wow Day – Callington Nature Reserve visit.

Thursday 22nd November – 1B Wow Day – Callington Nature Reserve visit.

Saturday 1st December – Christmas School Fair

Year 1 & 2 Christmas Production 18th & 19th December.


Many thanks, Year 1 team.


We are a rights respecting school.

Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.