Welcome to year 1 home page. You will find information on our current term’s project and important dates below. Just below you will also see our new termly plan which will show a breakdown of what we will be learning about!

Medium term plan Term 6

Year 1 teachers L-R: Mr Whiddington (1W), Mr Brown (1B), Mrs King (1K).

Year 1 support staff L-R: Mrs Ashwin (1W), Mr Boon (PE), Mrs Reis (1K), Miss Cox (1B).


We will continue to read new texts each week in order to enhance our reading skills. We use the Twinkl Reading Dogs to talk about different reading skills. See the attached document below to learn more about Inference Iggy, Predicting Pip, Rex Retriever, Sequencing Suki and Vocabulary Victor and bring them and their question types into your daily reading at home. Reading books will continue to be changed once a week. Please continue to read with children as a part of your/their daily routine!

KS1 An Introduction to the Totally Pawsome Reading Gang PowerPoint

Who Liked to be beside the seaside?

Term 6 will see a new history-based project about the Victorians and their fascination with taking holidays in UK seaside towns. As ever, our project will be enquiry-based, focusing on answering the children’s questions. Such wonderful questions from past years have been: Why did people go to the seaside? Why didn’t people go abroad? How have beaches changed? Why was everything in black and white then? What did the Victorians wear at the beach? Was it still hot at the beach back then? Have a look at the PowerPoint below with your young ‘un to find out more!

Victorian Seaside Holidays


This Term we will cover fiction stories based around the age old classic, 3 Billy Goats Gruff. You can find a wonderful version of the story here, narrated by Richard E. Grant. We will also be learning about riddles and then writing our own!


During Maths this term we will be exploring place value (within 100) as well as 2 very important things: time and money! If you would like to get the children prepped for this feel free to start exploring digital and analogue clocks and the number’s meanings and also the value of different coins and notes.


Spellings will continue to be tested every Friday. Please contact your teacher if you do not have a sheet to learn from.

Many thanks, Year 1 team.

We are a rights respecting school.

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