Hello Reception!

Don’t forget to complete your daily tasks:     

  1. Daily reading to an adult – School books or other books from home. Continue to make brief notes in Reading Records.
  2. Camera Word practise – Revise all Camera Words, putting them into a sentence.
  3. Phase 2 and Phase 3 Sounds – Revise all sounds and create words/sentences.
  4. 25 minutes of exercise. 

Take a look at Mrs Underwood’s website to download free videos daily with many activities for your little ones including Phonics, Literacy, Maths, Foundation subjects and even a story time! There are also many free resources to download. https://sellfy.com/rjsherratt721

Have fun!

Reception Team.

Here are some useful websites for learning at home!

Phonics Play: Username: march20 Password: homehttp://www.phonicsplay.co.uk

Twinkl: Password: UKTWINKLHELP http://www.twinkl.co.uk

School radio by the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/eyfs-early-years/z6bgnrd

Top Marks: Interactive games. http://www.topmarks.co.uk

Phonics Bloom: http://www.phonicsbloom.com

Letters & Sounds: http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/

Welcome to Reception!

Our Reception classes at West Town Lane Academy are:

Bumblebees – Mrs Lewis

Dragonflies – Mr MacLeod

Caterpillars – Miss Everson

This section of the website will be here to give you key information.  Please check your child’s individual class doors/windows for regular updates and messages.

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From left to right: Mrs Galliford, Miss Everson, Mrs Lewis, Mr MacLeod.

Important Information

  • Please bring a bookbag to school every day. Reading materials will be sent home including one phonics book and one colour banded book. We ask that you read a mixture of these at least three times before changing. Please see your class teacher for more information. Don’t forget to record reading at home in your child’s reading record.
  • Please bring a P.E kit to school at the beginning of each term.  These will remain at school for the duration of the term. Please do not provide daps just yet as your children will outgrow them! They will not need daps until we begin PE lessons outside in the spring and summer terms.
  • We have two snacks a day in Reception. Children will need to bring a drink of water to school every day in a named bottle.  They will be provided with one piece of school fruit and milk (until their 5th birthday) each day for our morning snack.  Please provide a piece of fruit for the children’s afternoon snack. 
  • We access the outdoor classroom daily, please ensure children have suitable clothing for all weathers!
  • The lunch options at WTLA are as follows:

– Salad Bar

– Hot School Meal

– School Packed Lunch (specified days-see menus for info).

– Home Packed Lunch

Remember! Your child is entitled to a free meal which includes the salad bar or school packed lunch option.


Please log on to Tapestry to see what your children have been learning at school.  We also love to see what you have been up to at home. Please add observations of your own to show us your child’s at home learning.

We would love for you to come and help in the classroom.  Please see your class teacher for more details.

The most important thing to us is that your children feel happy and confident coming to school.  If you have any questions or worries, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff. 

We are a rights respecting school.

Article 28: Every child has the right to an Education.

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Meet the TA’s!

Miss Cox BB/CP

Term 4-What’s that Twinkling in the Sky?

Our project in Term 4 is ‘What’s that Twinkling in the Sky?’. We will begin our project by exploring a variety of non-fiction texts where we will discover many facts about all the planets in the solar system. We will be learning to sing along to new space inspired songs such as ‘Space is a Place’ and ‘Google Eyed Alien’. We will be using our imagination to pretend to be astronauts blasting into space in our very own rocket . We will be retelling and innovating the story of ‘Here Come the Aliens’ and laughing out loud to the story of ‘Alien’s Love Underpants!’ We will complete our project with a very exciting trip to the Planetarium.

In phonics we will be independently using Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics in our writing. We will be spelling Camera Words correctly and identifying them in our reading books. We will continue to improve our sentence writing to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. For more information, please visit the ‘Letters and Sounds’ website at http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/.

In mathematics we will be learning all about weight and how to predict what item weighs the heaviest and the lightest. We will also be using non-standard units of measure and begin to order items according to height and length. We will be consolidating and applying our knowledge of teen numbers within addition and subtraction number sentences, as well as, word problems.

Key Dates:

Monday 24th February: Back to school.

Week 1: Walk to Tesco for Pancake ingredients.

Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th February: Parents Evening

Thursday 5th March: World Book Day.

Tuesday 24th March: Bumblebees Trip.

Wednesday 25th March: Dragonflies Trip.

Thursday 26th March: Caterpillars Trip.

Friday 03rd April: Last day of Term 4.

Monday 20th April: Back to school.