COVID-19 has impacted us all in many ways, not least our use of digital technology. The government have released some useful tips to help support your children and keep them safe online.

Here at WTLA we have a robust E-Safety curriculum.  E-Safety is taught as part of our Jigsaw PSHE curriculum as well as within Computing. This includes cyber-bullying and the law.

We have three leaflets which provide handy tips for children and parents that can be downloaded here;

Online guidance for children

Online guidance for parents

Zoom guidance for parents

The NSPCC have developed this easy to read guide with top tips for keeping children safe online. It can be downloaded here; Keep your child safe online NSPCC.

Lots of other useful tips and guidance leaflets can be found in the carousel in the main school Office.

Last year we held successful E-Safety surgeries. This year may look a little different, but keep your eyes out for video tutorials and presentations which will deliver the very same information for you to enjoy at home.  

Please do not forget that most social media sites require children to be at least 13 years of age to use their services. 

If you have any concerns about E-Safety, please speak to your class teacher. If your concern involves an alleged cyber-bullying incident, your class teacher will speak with senior members of staff in the school in order to support you and your children.

The Computing curriculum lead is Mr Burtonshaw. The Online Safety lead is Miss Balmforth. Other people who will be able to help you are Mrs Lewis (EYFS leader), Mr Rayner (Year 1/2 leader), Ms Davidson-Sault (Year 3/4 leader) and Mr Thomas (Year 5/6 leader).


Please find below a list of useful websites you can visit to get advice on keeping children safe online.