Rights Respecting Schools (RRS)

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We are very proud to be a ‘Rights Respecting School.’ We have been involved with this UNICEF initiative for many years, and are proud to be awarded ‘Level 2’, the highest award available.  This fits perfectly with our ethos at WTLA, providing children with a breadth of learning and experience and setting high expectations.

For more information about Rights Respecting Schools at WTLA please read this short guide: RRS Guide for parents 

More information can also be found here at the official RRS website:


Food bank collection

Thank you to all who supported our food bank collection in the run-up to Christmas. The Rights Action Group strive to support the rights of children in their local community, and the Counterslip food bank provide food for children and families in Brislington and surrounding areas, supporting their right to the best health (Article 24) and an adequate standard of living (Article 27). We donated 102kg of food in total, and a special mention to Stanley in 2N who spent £20 of his own money towards the collection!

World Children’s Day

World Children’s Day on the 20th November 2019 marks 30 years of the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ (CRC) and to celebrate here at WTLA we have taken a day to stop and think about the world we live in, how it’s improved for us over the last 30 years, and what still needs to improve.

To help us we have been learning about the ‘Global Goals for Sustainable Development’. Agreed by world leaders these goals aim to develop a better world for all by 2030, by eradicating poverty, inequality and combating climate change. Each year group focused on one goal, looking at the current issues, and thinking about action we can take to support the goal. Take a look at the 17 goals:

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Have a look at this video by ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’ which got us thinking about these issues:

World’s Largest Lesson

Newsround have created this informative video outlining Children’s Rights at 30 years old:

30 years of the UNCRC

Here’s the upper school RAG’s review of our important day:

Reception were thinking about Goal 14 ‘Life under water’. They considered ways we can prevent polluting seas through our everyday habits. Dragonflies created this colourful artwork representing their ideas:

Year 1 were focusing on Goal 2 ‘Zero hunger’ and recorded some videos with their top 3 tips for reducing hunger globally. Year 2 looked at Goal 6 ‘Clean water and sanitation’. They researched the many causes of water pollution and created some postcards outlining how they can support clean water for all. They decided on reducing plastic, buying fewer clothes, and reducing meat consumption. Have a look at some of their postcards:

Year 3 look at Goal 5 ‘Gender equality’ and focused on the inspiring work of Malala, who campaigned for equal rights for women and girls, as well as education for all. Year 4 looked at Goal 4 ‘Quality Education’, creating some postcards from 2030 outlining how they’d like to see things change:

Year 5 looked into Goal 13 ‘Climate Change’ suggesting all sorts of ways they can have a positive impact on our fragile planet, such as reducing car use, growing our own food, and using sustainable materials

Finally, Year 6 thought about Goal 12 ‘Responsible consumption’ and have pledged to reduce their food waste, and thought about where their food is sourced from.

Introducing our RAG members for 2019!

RAG stands for ‘Rights Action Group’. We have 2 different  groups; one for lower school and one for upper school. Read on to find out more about us:

Lower School

Hello! We are the lower school Rights Action Group. Our names are: Lottie, Erin, Brandon, Evie, Stanley, Heidi, Aleisha, Rhys, Jack, Hanna, Alice, Hamish, Ben, Sienna, Star, James, Hayden and Chloe. We are very proud to be helping all children at WTLA know their rights. We collect ideas from our classes and discuss them at regular meetings. Some of us are involved in interviewing new teachers. We are always thinking about ways to make our school the best it can be, and are also looking forward to getting involved in some exciting campaigns.

Upper School

Hi, we’re the upper school RAG group. Our names are: Oscar, Charley, Tayler, Dominic, Elina, Lewis, Lara, George, Dexter, Agnes, Andi, Alfie, Reggie, Roxy, Jack, Daniele, Mady and Martins. We’re trying to make our school a better place by respecting our rights and teaching others about their rights.