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We are very proud to be a ‘Rights Respecting School.’ We have been involved with this UNICEF initiative for many years, with currently a Level 2 creditation. This fits perfectly with our ethos at WTL, providing children with a breadth of learning and experience and setting high expectations.

More information can be found here:

Every class has a charter that children sign up to each year. It explains the values for that class, and how the children should act and be responsible in order to recognise the rights of others.

Each year the children also help to fundraise for local, national and international charities to reflect the articles set out in the RRS document, and the children learn that young people around the world have the same rights as them but access to those rights is very difficult in some countries. Read on to meet out Rights Action Group who help to lead our campaigns.

Introducing our RAG Groups!

RAG stands for ‘Rights Action Group’. We have 2 different RAG groups; one for lower school and one for upper school. Read on to find out more about us:

Lower School

Hello! We are the lower school RAG group. Our names are: Poppy, Hannah Harry, Heston, Layla, Max.G, Isla, Max.T, Lily, Jack, Mia, Logan, Ava, Lucas, Jess, Cole, Elizabeth and Dexter. We are very proud to be helping all children at WTLA know their rights. We collect ideas from our classes and discuss them at regular meetings. Some of us are involved in interviewing new teachers. We are always thinking about way to make our school the best it can be, and are also looking forward to getting involved in some exciting campaigns.

Upper School

Hi, we’re the upper school RAG group. Our names are: Heidi, Maks, Thea, Josh, Holly, Callum, Nina Jamie, Abi, Mack,, Jasmine, Jamia, Simone Alfie Emerald and Henry. We’re trying to make our school a better place by respecting our rights and teaching others about their rights.

Sustainable Development Goals.

We have been busy this term at West Town Lane raising awareness of the 17 goals for sustainable development. The aim is for all these goals to have been met by 2030. Some examples of the  goals are: zero hunger, gender equality and climate action. We have created a school book to provide more information about the goals – come take a look at it in our library! If you would like to find out more about the sustainable development goals, click here:

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Send My Friend to School.Send my friends to school

Upper School RAG group have been very busy during the Summer Term with this exciting campaign! We are joining lots of other schools in the country to encourage our government to help ensure children all around the world are able to access their right to a quality education. We delivered an assembly to the school and asked all classes to create posters explaining to our local MP why quality education across the world is  so important. We will send all the posters to our new local MP after the general election on Thursday 8th June.

You can find out more about the Send My Friend to School campaign by clicking on the link below: