Maths Intent

Our mathematics intent is to design a broad and balanced curriculum, which is accessible to all and will help every child maximise their achievement using their individual talents and abilities. Our scheme of work is in-line with the recommendations of the National Curriculum for mathematics. We intend to develop a positive, determined attitude towards mathematics with a growth mindset. Consequently, all pupils will learn to use mathematics with confidence, fluency, understanding and enjoyment. We intend for mathematics to be an essential part of everyday life and provide us with a means for communicating and organising information. Arithmetic skills should be well-embedded throughout the school which are then used to attempt problem solving and reasoning activities in a variety of real life contexts. Both conceptual and procedural variation should be used to expose pupils to as many different mathematical scenarios as possible. Active learning is strongly encouraged within lessons and to utilise the school grounds when appropriate to make learning an adventure.

Maths policy

Maths Policy document

Maths progression maps

What does my child learn? – A guide for parents / carers to the main learning objectives covered in each year group from reception to year 6.

Maths progression map EYFS

Maths progression map Years 1 to 6

Calculation policy & overview of methods and strategies

Addition and subtraction calculation policy (White Rose)

Multiplication and Division calculation policy (White Rose)

KS1 overview of methods and strategies

KS2 overview of methods and strategies

Reception mathematics policy

Reception approach to numbers

Children in years 2 to 6 have logins to access the TT Rockstars website or App to practise their times table skills. By the end of year 4 children should know all the times tables up to 12 x 12. They will sit a short online test at the end of year 4 containing 25 questions with 6 seconds to answer each question. The children can prepare for this test by using the ‘Soundcheck’ game on TT Rockstars. Can you become the next Rock Hero!

Home Learning Resources

White Rose home learning resources

KS1 maths BBC Bitesize

KS2 maths BBC Bitesize

NRich maths challenges

Maths Chase

Maths is fun website

Math sphere maths puzzles

Top marks maths games

Primary games

Maths challenges for the more able

The school run – great for supporting parents with new teaching methods and includes video clips.