Health and Well-Being

West Town Lane Academy recognises the important role it plays in supporting the health and well-being of our children and young people; including physical, mental and emotional health. We recognise our responsibility to educate and inform children, so that they can make appropriate choices about their own and others’ health. We strive to provide an environment, which is conducive with a healthy lifestyle, and actively promote healthy practices, through education, role modelling and opportunities.

Meet our Healthy Heroes

The Healthy Heroes are a group of children, one from each class, who champion healthy lifestyles and work together to promote health and wellbeing amongst their classmates. This year the Heroes have held three “Fruity Fridays,” when children were encouraged to purchase nutritious snacks at playtime and helped in making decisions about healthy activities within school.

As a school we are supported by Bristol Healthy Schools and have recently been awarded their Physical Education Badge, which focuses on children, families and staff being active and enjoying sports and physical activities.

Bristol Healthy Schools Physical Education Badge

Last year’s Healthy Heroes surveyed their classes about extra-curricular activities, in particular sporting activities. They discovered that about half of the children attended at least one after school sports club during the year. They also asked children what prevented them from attending and what sports activities they would like to see the school offering as we would like to increase uptake in the future. The children’s suggestions for additional clubs were shared with the staff and some new clubs (gymnastics and rugby) have been offered this year.

We were awarded the Bristol Healthy Schools PE Badge in November 2019. Everyone involved was delighted that the award acknowledged the whole school’s efforts to improve access to, enjoyment of and participation in sports and physical activity. A special thanks goes to the Healthy Heroes for their commitment to encouraging everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Last year the school introduced The Daily Mile, by marking two tracks around the school, which when run a number of times equates to a mile. Children have regularly completed the mile during PE lessons and we hope to increase the children’s use of the track this year, so that they can build up to a mile a day.

Competitors’ Corner

The Healthy Heroes want to encourage everyone in our school community to be healthy and active and to celebrate the participation of all (children, parents/carers and staff). So if you enjoy sport, whether it is a team game or an individual sporting activity, why not send in a photo and a brief description and inspire others to take up your favourite activity?

Active Travel

As part of our commitment to healthy living, at West Town Lane Academy, we encourage the children, parents and staff to travel to and from school in a more active and sustainable manner. This includes walking, scooting or cycling. To make sure our children are can travel without harm we regularly talk about road safety and this year we have held scooter skills sessions for Year 1 and Bikeability in Year 5. The school has plenty of safe parking pods where children and adults store their bicycles and scooters during the day.

We are currently working towards a Modeshift Stars Bronze Award for active travel. We will keep you posted with our progress.

5 and 10 Minute Walking Zones around West Town Lane Academy.
Why not try to walking to school everyday if you live in the 5 or 10 minute zones or “Parking and Striding” if you live outside the zones?

Living Streets is a national charitable organisation committed to encouraging people to walk to work, school and local amenities. Each week during lockdown they are producing materials for children to encourage walking, whether for pleasure or as a means of travelling to and from school. Why not check out their resources if you are looking for ways to make your walks more enjoyable?