Welcome, This page is dedicated to all things English at West Town Lane. You can view the whole school progression map by clicking the link below. You can also download the English policy here.

Writing Intent: Through Talk for Writing and using carefully selected texts, the children are exposed to and use a wide range of rich English vocabulary. This enables them to enhance the quality of their work across the wider curriculum. It is important that children revisit their writing, edit and improve, before creating the final piece of fluent work. Good cursive handwriting speeds up children’s writing leaving them free to concentrate on composition, spelling and grammar. Grammar is an integral part of English and great emphasis is placed on the use of games, drama and other adventurous and interactive strategies to support children master Standard English throughout their learning journey at West Town Lane.

Writing School progression map

Here, you will also be able to find useful tips, online resource links and news of trips or exciting events happening in school So keep you eyes peeled.

Here is a link to BBC bitesize. There are many useful educational resources that you may wish to use at home.