Article 29 – A child’s education should develop their respect for the natural environment.


Our vision at West Town Lane Academy is to continuously endeavour to become an eco-friendly school that supports an enhanced and healthier world by empowering children to become young leaders in promoting and encouraging environmental awareness.

We believe in the significance of educating others about the importance of sustaining our world and we wish to make all aware of the important role each one of us play.  

We hope to inspire others and enhance their knowledge and understanding of sustainable development, as well as, promote skills and values, such as creativity, critical thinking and empathy across the school by working towards the Green Flag Award, eventually, being recognised as an official Eco School.

Our New Eco Code!

The Eco Committee have worked incredibly hard to produce our new Eco Code for our Academy. We have shared our expectations with staff and pupils, as well as, displayed them throughout the school.

The Big Battery Hunt!

West Town Lane Academy are taking part in the Big Battery Hunt with Duracell. Make sure you bring all of your old and used batteries into school and place them in the giant battery.

Recycling Detectives!

The Eco Committee have been secretly monitoring the amount of paper recycling in their Year Groups and we are pleased to announce that most of our pupils are recycling their paper after use! However, we did find some paper in the waste bins! Don’t forget our Eco Code: Always recycle correctly!

Let’s Recycle!

West Town Lane Academy are becoming even more Eco Friendly! We now have even more ways to recycle at the Academy with our new recycling bins across the school, including food waste bins and plastic bins.

Forest Area Litter Pick!

The Eco Committee completed a litter pick of our Forest Area in preparation for the Spring and Summer terms, as well as, Forest Schools. They worked together in partners and mini teams to find as much litter as possible! They were not very pleased to discover lots of plastic!

Water and Energy.

The Eco Committee were very excited to go and read the energy and water meters. We are going to keep a close eye on the readings over the year and see the difference between how much energy and water is being used in Winter and Summer.

Here are the T4 readings:

Water:      00982M3

Energy: 13397KWH

Water Explorers!

We have started our water saving mission and began Water Explorers. Each member of the Eco Committee have chosen a task to complete such as writing and preforming a rap all about saving water called Rap Tap Tap, as well as, growing their own food to eat called Grow It Yourself! They are also challenging themselves to attempt to make dirty water clean and drinkable in Clean That Water Up and Year 6 are investigating floods and droughts in Drenched or Dry?

Grow It Yourself!

Our Year 3 Eco Committee member is the first to complete her Water Explorers challenge. She has been planting various foods to grow including lettuce, broccoli, peas and beans with her Mum and Grandad.

I learnt that some grubs eat the roots of plants and its good to grow your own food so you don’t have to buy it from the shops in plastic bags!

Martha 3DS

What’s the problem?

Plastic! That is the problem! In Eco Afterschool Club we have created posters all about reducing the use of plastic.

Plastic is really bad for our environment because animals can get stuck in the plastic and animals are part of our wildlife!

Enid 1K

Energy Checks!

The Eco Committee went on a energy check around the academy checking each class to see if lights and interactive white boards were switched off at lunch time if the class was empty. We found that some classes had the lights and interactive white boards on! OH NO! The best most ecofriendly class of them all was Bumblebee’s and 3D! We will continue to check at random classes at lunch times to ensure we are saving energy here at West Town Lane Academy!

More Water Explorers Completed!

Our Eco Committee members have now completed many more Water Explorers challenges. Rufus from Year 1 has planted sweetcorn, cress, tomatoes, carrots, radishes and lettuce. Edward from Year 6 has researched and shared with us many different facts about droughts in the Drenched or Dry challenge. Freya from Year 6 completed two challenges Grow It Yourself and Clean It Up where she wrote instructions n how to filter dirty water and make it drinkable! Jake and Adam from Year 5 wrote a rap all about saving water and completed the Rap Tap Tap challenge! Amazing effort from our Eco Warriors!

Eco Bricks!

Our Year 4 Eco Committee member Jasmine encouraged her team to create an Eco Brick at home to share with the rest of the Academy. She explained how all you need is a plastic bottle which you can put all non-recyclables into and stop the materials making it into our oceans! See if you can create your very own Eco Brick at home to!

Rap Tap Tap!

Here is Year 5’s Jake & Adam’s rap all about water:

We need some help saving water

Get everyone involved,

Your mother, your son, your sister, your daughter

Some countries don’t have water that’s clean

If we don’t supply, then that’s just mean

Water needs to be saved

You can get some from the caves

Oh and rivers, streams and lakes to.

Just make sure it doesn’t contain poo!

Help us save water

Even when it gets hotter

And please kill

All diseases that will contaminate the water

Ok, that was our rap.

Hope you enjoyed are rap tap tap tap tap…

Climate Change!

In Eco Club this week we have been thinking about Climate Change and how it is having a negative impact on animals and their habitats, especially in the Arctic and the Antarctic as the ice continues to melt at a very fast pace. Martha and Jasmine created a recycled Polar Bear Lantern to light during Earth Hour. They added everything they could to create a happy habitat for the animals.

Eco Committee 19/20

Green Kids!

Join ‘Green Kids’ and share your ideas on how to make our world a greener, healthier place to live!

Make the right choice!

Sainsburys have removed plastic bags from their bakery, fruit and vegetable aisles in all stores announcing a significant commitment to reducing plastic – pledging to half the amount they use by 2025! This is amazing news and exactly what our world needs! Even if you do not shop at Sainsburys, pop down and buy a few bags for your weekly shop! They are only 30p each and will last!

Reusable straws are also becoming very popular! Buying one reusable straw will last you a very long time and you will be helping the planet to! You can buy stainless steel or plastic reusable straws in most supermarkets. If you buy a reusable straw from Costa the cost of your straw will be donated to the Costa Foundation and go towards the charity.

Eco Club & The GPGP

Eco Committee Members worked so hard this week creating posters all about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to share all of the facts they had learnt. They were ever so passionate about Marine life being harmed by the waste and worked together in pairs to get their message across. You can find their posters on the Eco Board in the Academy.

Governor Representative for Eco Schools

We are very excited to announce our new Governor Representative for Eco Schools Louisa Dixon! Welcome on board Louisa!