Curriculum Intent

 At WTLA we believe our learning journey is an adventure.  We believe in providing children with the opportunities to develop key skills and knowledge through a broad and balanced curriculum.  We are dedicated to providing a stimulating and vibrant environment with a focus on high academic standards and personal growth.    Our vision is based on knowing our pupils well and understanding their needs and strengths.  We guide them in their journey; instilling good habits of respect, determination and excellence. We are a ‘Rights Respecting School’ and teach children to respect individual’s rights all around the world.


Our curriculum is designed to take pupils on a ‘learning journey’.  It is structured around a progression of skills and knowledge (taken from the National curriculum 2014), beginning in Nursery and reaching its climax in Year 6.  Our curriculum is split into ‘projects’ that start with a question.  At the beginning of each project the children share what they already know, and what they would like to learn.  These early discussions will guide the project through to its end where ultimately, the project question is answered.  It is recognised that the children need to research and find answers and the teacher should provide opportunities for them to be able to find the answers.  Wow events kick start our projects and enthuse pupils at the beginning of their adventure, and celebration events finish the project, sharing what the children have learnt with parents. ‘Project walls’ in classrooms will follow the children’s learning journey.

Please see our whole school projects here;

Whole School Project Overview

Please see our ‘Maths’, ‘English’, ‘Science’ and ‘Wider Curriculum’ pages to see our subject specific progression maps.

British Values

Nursery Project Overview

Reception Termly Project Overview

Y1 Termly Project Overview

Y2 Termly Project Overview

Y3 Termly Project Overview

Y4 Termly Project Overview

Y5 Termly Project Overview

Y6 Termly Project Overview