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The new term begins on Monday 7th January, with every class beginning new projects. All the information about the projects can be found in the Information Booklets on the relevant yeargroup pages. This month we are also very excited to have a theatre production of The Selfish Giant coming to school for the children to enjoy (for free!). We want to provide the children with a wide range of experiences and start 2019 with adventure!


This is a really wonderful time of year in school with so many exciting things going on for the children. Hopefully you have all read the newsletters and are keeping up with us on the closed Facebook page! A few reminders- school closes on Friday 21st December (no it isn’t an INSET day!) and we return on Monday 7th January. There are a number of events planned for January and so keep an eye out for trip letters which will be coming out this week for Years 5 and 6.


You should have all received the separate flyer with the various Christmas events listed, along with a booking slip for the KS1 and EYFS plays. The tickets are limited to two per family initially in order to let everyone have a chance of seeing the different plays, however we often have more available and so once the date of the play gets nearer please ask the office if they have spare places. The tickets are numbered, as are the seats, to ensure we stay within our permitted numbers.


Please can you check we have your current contact details. We have had a couple of occasions recently when all of the contacts for a child are no longer in use (even all three contacts!) which can leave children vulnerable. Caremonkey should always be up to date and is easy for you to edit, and also a small note to your teacher or the office with the updated details would be helpful. This is important as when we do need to get in touch it can be urgent. Thank you.


You will have seen from the Newsletter this month that we are looking for providers for additional clubs at school (preferably not sport and aimed at younger age groups). We have already had a couple of parents suggest two companies, but if you know of others please let the office know and we will get in touch with them. Although our range of clubs is good, we know that there is always an appetite for more!


We are currently reviewing our Access Plan- a document that spans a three year period and details the improvements we wish to make to increase access for children and adults to our Academy. In the past this has included not only physical changes such as increasing the range of accessible toilets or ramps, but also the resources we have and training our staff receives. What would you like to see on our next plan? You may have additional needs that are ‘hidden’ that we do not cater for and we want to hear from you.


Our Year 6 librarians visited Waterstones book shop this week to look for more books to enhance our school library. They had lists of authors or non-fiction subjects to look out for, and between them spent over £1,000!! The visit is also successful as they can be introduced to new authors or genres of books that they may not have considered before, bringing them back into school to share with others. A great experience for all concerned.


We want as many children as possible to enjoy a delicious lunch on Thursday 5th October, which helps us with our census! As a special treat, all the children having a school meal on that day will receive a free ice cream next week when the ice cream van visits. Thank you to our Governors for coming up with such a great idea.


Our system for booking appointments goes live on Friday 21st September- new parents & carers will be given details of the system, and existing families can still use the same pin number as last year. Please write a note to your class teacher if you need to be reminded of the pin or don’t have one. Mrs. Hardisty (Special Needs leader) will be available on the evenings and so if you also need to talk to her please let your child’s teacher know and this will be organised for you.

The link to the parent’s evening website is:


We are really fortunate to have wonderful grounds with lots of trees, including the very established horse chestnut tree near the pirate ship with¬†plentiful conkers. We don’t mind (in fact we quite like!) children playing conkers as it’s a traditional game that children have enjoyed for generations, as long as they are sensible, however we do have an issue with them throwing large sticks at the tree before and after school to try to get the conkers to fall! Could you please ensure you are adequately supervising your children and making sure they are not throwing items such as sticks as this causes a danger to other children.