Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Adrian Robbins

Deputy Head (Maternity Leave) – Ellie Balmforth

Acting Deputy Headteacher (Assistant head) – Sarah Fanklin

Acting Assistant Head – Karl Thomas

Lead Practitioner & SEND – Sarah Hardisty

Governing Body

Chair: Marianne Croft

Adrian Robbins, Maxine Duncan, Joanne Salter,

Louisa Dixon, Sarah McGahern

Alan Veal, Mairi Benton, Matthew Rayner.

Class Teachers


Year group

Area of responsibility

Louise Roberts Nursery Geography Leader
Vincent Macleod Dragonflies DT Leader
Victoria Reid Bumblebees NQT
Jade Lewis Bumblebees EYFS Leader (Maternity Leave)
Rhiannon Everson Caterpillars Acting EYFS Leader & Forest Schools Leader
Michael Brown Year 1 Reading Leader
Phil Whiddington Year 1 Science Leader
Alice Nicholls Year 1 NQT
Jessica King Year 2 LAC Leader
Harriet Nicolle Year 2 Maths Team
Matthew Rayner Year 2 Year 1/2 Phase Leader
Katie Derbyshire. Year 3 PSHE Leader
Jo Lester Year 3
Alan Calloway Year 3 Reading Leader
Sheena Davidson-Sault Year 3 Year 3/4 Phase Leader
Hannah Delaney Year 4 Music Leader
Henry Wilson Year 4 AIM Leader
Jay Wright Year 4 Maths Leader
Scot Todd Year 5 Art and Design Leader
Lucy Welling Year 5 RE Leader
Kiel Leaning Year 5 History Leader
Hannah Jones Year 6 Year 5/6 Phase Leader
Nick Dyer Year 6 NQT

Support Staff

Job Role

Carrie Spittlehouse Business Manager (Finance and HR)
Jonathan Davies Business Manager (Premises and H&S)
Kim Lewis Senior Admin Assistant
Lynn Templar Clerk to Governors
Laura O’Driscoll Administrator
Leanna Caddick Administrator
Simon Foss IT Manager
Amelia Lloyd Speech and Language Therapist
Sarah Galliford Cover teacher, Pupil P Support
Karen Doughty Cover teacher, Pupil P Support and Healthy Schools
Rebecca Norley-Claridge Cover teacher, Pupil P Support
Hannah Wallace Cover teacher, Pupil P support
Ellie Percival-Haines Cover teacher, Pupil P support
Sally Gibbs Reading Recovery
Natalie Smith Learning Mentor
Jessica Burt Cover Supervisor
Grant Evans Sports Coach & PE Leader
George Boon Sports Coach
Lynn Thatcher Teaching Assistant Team Leader
Angela Driscoll Teaching Assistants Deputy Leader
Ann Hibbitt, Teaching Assistant
Tracy Reis Teaching Assistant
Carole Cole Teaching Assistant
Leigh Hogg Teaching Assistant
Emma Hendy Teaching Assistant
Layla Jackson Teaching Assistant
Maria Rayner Teaching Assistant
Collette Trott Teaching Assistant
Lucy Gillett Teaching Assistant
Paula Cox Teaching Assistant
Tracey Alder-Ashwin. Teaching Assistant
Alex Pringle Teaching Assistant
Tina Haynes Lunchtime Staff Team Leader
Jayne Pitt Lunchtime Staff
Louise Harvey Lunchtime Staff
Ann Hibbitt Lunchtime Staff
Angela Driscoll Lunchtime Staff
Debbie Dauncey Lunchtime Staff
Amanda Britton Lunchtime Staff
Wendy Birkwood Lunchtime Staff
Louise Pickford Lunchtime Staff
Sheralyn Shepherd Lunchtime Staff
Heather Ellis Lunchtime Staff
Katie Radford Lunchtime Staff
Helen Lewis Lunchtime Staff
Kelly Munds Lunchtime Staff
Holly Collins Lunchtime Staff
Karen Woodman Lunchtime Staff (First Aid)
Tony White Lunchtime Staff
David Hill Caretaker
Nigel Pleass Assistant Caretaker
Amanda Britton Domestic
Louise Pickford Domestic
Helen Lewis Domestic
Sabrina Gaspari Domestic
Shayla Lindsay Domestic
Zaneta Walczykowska Domestic
Janice Handford Kitchen Manager
Louise Reynolds Senior GKA
Cher Smith GKA
Sarah Foster GKA
Nimira Omar GKA
Sharleen Neil GKA
Grant Evans Breakfast Club and After School Club Manager
George Boon Breakfast Club and After School Club Manager
Erica Gregory Play Worker
Rosie Smith Play Worker
Ella Andrews Play Worker
Lynn Goddard Gardener