To ensure the Learning Journey is an Adventure.


We have five main values which underpin our vision for the children at West Town Lane.

  • Respect – We respect each other’s rights. We treat others as we like to be treated.
  • Adventure – Our learning journey will be engaging and motivating; it will develop curiosity about the world around us.
  • Determination – We will try our best at everything we do.
  • Achievement – We will strive to meet our full potential, both in our learning and our personal lives.
  • Resilience – We demonstrate Growth Mindsets; we never give up!


Develop learners who:

  • Achieve their full potential in everything they do, whatever their starting point;
  • Are determined to succeed, who persevere and never give up;
  • Are curious, enthusiastic and reflective;
  • Can work collaboratively and independently and are excellent communicators.

Develop 21st century citizens who:

  • Respect each other’s rights and our British Values;
  • Are open minded, tolerant and empathetic;
  • Celebrate and embrace diversity and change;
  • Are global citizens.

As a school we will:

  • Ensure the learning journey is an adventure, by motivating and enthusing our children;
  • Ensure children reach their full potential, both academically and socially;
  • Provide a stimulating and vibrant environment with a focus on high academic standards and personal growth;
  • Build resilience in pupils;
  • Develop independent lifelong learners, who are rights respecting global citizens;
  • Offer an inclusive, creative, challenging, broad & balanced curriculum.
  • Ensure teaching is of the highest quality and is enquiry-led;
  • Implement a wide range of trips, visits and extra-curricular activities, to enable pupils to discover hidden talents;
  • Allow children to explore the community and the wider world;
  • Create a community where everyone is equal and differences are celebrated and respected;
  • Keep each other safe and care for one another.
  • Celebrate success.