Welcome to Term 3!  


Adults who will be helping you this year: Mr Thomas, Mrs Driscoll, Mr Todd, Ms Percival-Haines, Ms Doughty, Mr Evans, Mrs Wallace (Monday PM – 6KT), Mrs Harris (every other Tuesday PM – 6P-H), Mrs Wright (every other Friday PM – 6P-H ) and Mrs Thatcher.

Project – Our project for the next two terms is ‘River Deep, Mountain High’, a geography based project exploring the formation of rivers and mountains. This is a huge and fascinating topic and the more research you do the better. We look forward to hearing what you have found out.

STEM exhibition – The whole school is taking part in an exciting exhibition at Paintworks from January 15th to 20th. Our theme is the human body and each class will be contributing to a massive piece of artwork.

Lifeskills – Year 6 will be visiting the amazing Lifeskills centre after half term. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about staying safe in the world around them in a really interactive setting. Each class will be going on a different day (21st/22nd/23rd of February). More details to follow.


A copy of our Information Booklet can be found here:

booklet year 6

Maths and English groups – Ms Doughty will be taking a small group for English and Maths for four mornings a week. She will be teaching the same lessons as the rest of Year 6. This is being done to reduce class size and give all children more teacher time.

Appointments – We would love to talk to you. Please contact the office if you’d like to make an appointment. Reading records are also an excellent communication method. Please ask your child to show us any message you wish us to see.

HomeworkNOW DUE IN on THURSDAY. We will be setting English and Maths homework once a week along with 10 spellings, taken from the DfE lists. We also expect you to work continually on your times tables and arithmetic skills – this is very important and will be tested every week.