Welcome to Term 5!  


Adults who will be helping you this year: Mr Thomas, Mrs Driscoll, Mr Todd, Ms Doughty, Mr Evans, Mrs Orchard, Miss Thompson, Mrs Wallace (Monday PM – 6KT), Mrs Harris (every other Tuesday PM – 6KT), Mrs Wright (every Thursday in 6PH ) and Mrs Thatcher.

Project – Our project for the next two terms is ‘What’s the missing link?’ A science based project which looks at evolution and adaptation. Why not research the life and theories of Charles Darwin and Mary Anning? If anyone has any interesting fossils, why not bring them in for our displays?


Key Stage 2 assessments 

We have got a very busy term ahead of us as we approach and prepare for the KS2 assessments (SATS). They will be beginning on Monday 14th May and ending on Thursday 17th May. We will be organising a free breakfast for all children on the days of the tests. Doors will open at 8.15am. This is a wonderful opportunity to relax and get into the zone before each test.



Date: July 3rd – 6th. We will be hosting an after-school camp information meeting nearer the time.




A copy of our Information Booklet can be found here:

booklet year 6


Appointments – We would love to talk to you. Please contact the office if you’d like to make an appointment. Reading records are also an excellent communication method. Please ask your child to show us any message you wish us to see.

HomeworkNOW DUE IN on THURSDAY. We will be setting English and Maths homework once a week along with 10 spellings, taken from the DfE lists. We also expect you to work continually on your times tables and arithmetic skills – this is very important and will be tested every week.