Welcome to your last ever term at WTLA!!!


Mrs Ring, Mr Thomas, Mrs Driscoll, Mr Todd, Ms Percival-Haines, Mr Evans.

Here we all are on a problem solving training day earlier this year.


Sats – The KS2 assessments will be on the 8th – 11th of May. Do not stress! Your progress has been excellent so far. Just do your very best.


CAMP – Camp dates are as follows: 23rd – 26th May. Kit lists and other information will be forthcoming.


Project What’s the missing link?

Our next project in year 6 has a science focus. We will be studying the theory of evolution and the life of Charles Darwin. We are hoping to visit the Bristol Museum in term 6 to look at fossils and skeletons.


PE – 6KT (Monday PM) 6ST (Wednesday) taught by Mr. Evans.

English and Maths Groups

In the afternoons you will be taught by your class teacher. However, in the morning things will be a bit different. For English and maths lessons you will all be split into three separate groups. This will be a great chance to get to know other children and teachers. You will also be in smaller classes, which will be great.

Appointments – We would love to talk to you. Please contact the office if you’d like to make an appointment.

Homework – We will be setting English and Maths homework once a week along with 10 spellings, taken from the DfE lists. We also expect you to work continually on your times tables and arithmetic skills – this is very important and will be tested every week.