Here is the Year 4 team! From left to right: Mr. Calloway, Mr. Burtonshaw, Mrs. Wright, Miss Thomas, Mrs. Hibbitt, Miss Trott, and Miss Hardisty – Mr. Evans will be teaching P.E this year.

Welcome to Year 4! This term our project is called ‘Where is my mummy?’ Throughout this project, we’ll be investigating how the ancient Egyptians lived, their gods, and we will also be building our very own sarcophagi! Also, we’ll be visiting the ancient Egyptian section of Bristol Museum, where there will be plenty of exhibits to explore. Our first unit of science is titled ‘sound’. There will be plenty of exciting experiments, investigations and tasks, where we will try and answer: how is sound created? How does sound travel? How can we hear sounds? These activities link in with Article 29 of our Rights Respecting School (RRS) rights, which states that ‘your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.’

Dates to remember:

4B’s Class Assembly – 9.00 a.m. 12th October 2017 (Ravenclaw Hall)

4C’s Class Assembly – 9.00 a.m. 13th October 2017 (Ravenclaw Hall)

4TW’s Class Assembly – 9.00 a.m. 13th October 2017 (Hufflepuff Hall)

Costume ideas for the class assemblies:

Narrators:  White/blue/red (Egyptian colours) robe/dress/t-shirt and trousers.

Egyptians: White robe/dress/t-shirt and trousers.

Pharaohs and Royal People: Red/Gold/Sapphire coloured clothes (Royal Egyptian colours) – dress, robe, t-shirt and trousers.

Crafts People: Old worn clothes (brown, white or black). Additionally, if you have any prob tools i.e. toy hammers, saws etc. they will be very useful.

Rahotep, Mutwatali, Rameses and Intef V: Same clothing as the Royal People and Pharaohs.

Dead Body: White top and trousers. Additionally, bandages if you have any.

Architects: Hat, magnifying plan, brown or dark clothes (A bit like Indiana Jones).

If you have any questions pop in to see your class teacher before 8.50 a.m. or arrange a meeting through the office.


Homework will be set weekly – going home on a Friday and due in on the following Wednesday.

Please do support your child at home with reading, spellings, times tables and maths using the interactive games on the ActiveLearn website. Log in to ActiveLearn using the first four letters of your forename and surname, followed by the password ‘rat’ and the school code ‘wtla’.