3D – Miss Derbyshire

3H – Mr Hanson

3M – Miss Matthews

TA’s – Mrs Thatcher, Mrs Cole, Mrs Hendy


Welcome to Year 3

A copy of our 2018/19 Information Booklet can be found here:

booklet year 3 2018

Summer 1 and 2 

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Our new project is called’What Makes Britain Great?’which is all about Great Britain! We will be exploring key events that helped shape Britain, and discussing the physical features of Great Britain and how they have changed over time. We will be developing our atlas skills to name and locate countries and cities around the UK, along with completing a piece of fieldwork.  For science, our focus this term is everything to do with plants! We will be looking to name the different parts of a plant and think about how plants grow. In the final term, our science focus will be light, investigating the properties of light and shadow.


What Makes Britain Great Project Web


Key Dates

Swimming Begins – Monday 30th April.

Bank Holiday – Monday 7th May.

London Trip – Wednesday 23rd May.

End of Term 1 – Friday 25th May.

Term 2 begins – Monday 4th June.

Gurdwara Visit – Friday 15th June.

Last Swimming Session – Monday 2nd July.

Term 2 ends – Monday 23rd July.


P.E Times

3M – Wednesday Morning

3H – Friday Morning

3D – Friday Afternoon



Year 3 swimming begins on Monday 30th April. Information about our swimming sessions will be sent out with homework as a reminder. Please ensure your child comes to school each Monday, prepared with everything they need for swimming.


Rights Respecting Schools

West Town Lane Academy is a Rights Respecting School. This means that all of the children are made aware of their rights as outlined by the UN convention. It is important that they understand that these are what they are ALL entitled to have and no-one can take these away from them. Every class has a charter outlining some of these rights. They look great so keep an eye out as you are around the classrooms.

General Information

Every day, the children will have an English and Maths lesson as a whole class. Afternoons will be filled with foundation subjects, all set within the context of our current project.

The children now change their own reading book in the school library. We will take them down once a week but the children can change their books more frequently if needed. Now that their books are longer we encourage children to not rush through them and even try re-reading a book before changing it. They should be able to recall the story’s events, describe the characters and identify language patterns such as rhyming in the book they are reading. Please try to listen to your child read regularly – this can even be for only 10 minutes. If they read to themselves, help their learning by asking them questions about what they have read.

The best time to speak to your class teacher is at the end of the day, after all the children have left. Occasionally due to meetings this will not be possible. However, we will always be happy to arrange an alternative time to talk to you.