Our nursery class opened in September 2017 and we are now taking applications for the academic year beginning September 2018. This is open to children who turn 3 years old before August 31st 2018. The application form can be found here:

nursery application 2018

Our week is split in half (Mon/Tues Weds am and then Weds pm/ Thurs/ Fri)- further details are in the document linked above.

We have visits planned on the following dates if you wish to come for a look around:

23rd January at 9am; 22nd February at 9am; 12th March at 10am. A further provisional date of April 12th has been added, but this is AFTER our application deadline and will only be used if we have spaces available.

We have a Prospectus which we attach below as we know you want as much information as possible, but please note there may be some minor changes over the Summer term.

Nursery Prospectus 2018

The Government has recently published more details on the additional 15 hours of free childcare it is providing for eligible families. Please apply for a Government Gateway ID here: http://www.gateway.gov.uk

You will then be able to apply online to check eligibility.

Welcome to the Nursery class at West Town Lane.

Teacher-Miss Foden


From left to right: (Back row) Mrs Burt, Miss Palmer

(Front row) Mrs Gillet, Miss Foden, Mrs Milkins

This section of the website will be here to give you termly overviews of what we will be covering in school and key information. Please check the Nursery doors/windows for regular updates and messages.

Article 28: Every child has the right to an Education.

Welcome to Term 4

A big welcome back to everyone as we start a fun packed Term 4.

Our new project is called ‘Who has Handa’s fruit?’ and we will explore the story ‘Handa’s surprise.’  It will allow us to explore a range of different fruits and discuss what they look like, where they come from and how they grow. We will be exploring the senses to investigate what the fruit smells, tastes and feels like in a variety of games. The story of Handa’s Surprise is set in south-west Kenya and we will be locating this on the interactive globe and looking at similarities and differences to where we live. We have a selection of African instruments that the children will be encourage to explore and make music with. Our role play area will start as a fruit and veg shop and will provide opportunities for mark making, imaginative play and the use of money.

Look out for information towards the middle of the term for opportunities for you to come and Stay and Play with us.

Don’t forget to access Tapestry, a collection of observations of your child’s learning.  If you are not yet accessing Tapestry, it’s very easy!!  Please see your Keyworker to find out more. 

Some things to remember:

Don’t forget to label all of your child’s bits and bobs.

We’ll be using the outdoor environment whatever the weather! Please provide appropriate clothing.

If you need to speak to a member of school staff please wait until the beginning/end of the day, alternatively, please call the Office.