We are pleased to be taking applications for the nursery class for September 2017, although spaces are now very limited. The application form can be found here:

nursery application 2

The initial round of applications has closed, and successful families have been contacted. We are currently working through the applications for additional hours as the HMRC website has only recently opened.

Our week is split in half (Mon/Tues Weds am and then Weds pm/ Thurs/ Fri) and the second half of the week is now full. There are four spaces remaining for the beginning of the week to new applicants.

We have a draft Prospectus which we attach below as we know you want as much information as possible, but please note there may be some minor changes over the Summer term as it has not been finalised by Governors.

Nursery prospectus draft 2017

The Government has recently published more details on the additional 15 hours of free childcare it is providing for eligible families. Please apply for a Government Gateway ID here: http://www.gateway.gov.uk

You will then be able to apply online to check eligibility.