Welcome to the Reception classes at West Town Lane.

Bumblebees -Miss Chandler

Dragonflies-Miss Staines

Caterpillars –Miss Balmforth

From left to right: (Back row) Miss Thompson, Mrs Hogg, Mrs Lees and Mrs Constable

(Front row) Miss Chandler, Miss Balmforth, Miss Staines and Mrs Galliford

This section of the website will be here to give you termly overviews of what we will be covering in school and key information. Please check your child’s individual class doors/windows for regular updates and messages.

Article 28: Every child has the right to an Education.

A copy of our information booklet can be found here:

booklet year EYFS R


We hope you have had a fantastic Easter break and that you’re ready for the last 2 terms of the Reception year.


  Our new project is called What’s Lurking in the Garden?  and it is a creepy crawly based project.  It will involve lots of learning centered on understanding the natural world around us.  We will start the term with a minibeast hunt in the school grounds and begin sorting bugs by their number of legs.  We will shortly receive our caterpillars, ready to watch them grow and change into butterflies, and our tadpoles which will be hopping into the pond when they’ve grown into frogs.  We will be planting beans, herbs and sunflowers and would love any donations of seeds, plants, soil or bulbs to help us along the way.  We will be heading down to the pond and forest area for Forest Schools so please provide wellies/old shoes that you don’t mind getting a bit mucky.  These can be kept by your child’s peg in school for the duration of the term.

Maths: All of the children’s hard work means they should be secure with numbers to 20 at this stage of the year and have a good understanding of simple shape and pattern.  This will provide an excellent basis for all of the exciting maths work this project lends itself to.  We will be exploring symmetry in butterflies and ladybirds and doing lots of doubling and halving with ladybird spots.  We will be classifying bugs by the number of legs they have and using ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to think about sequencing and pattern.

Reading and Writing: We will continue to teach and revise phonics this term.  You can access the Letters and Sounds website here; http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/ which gives you a week by week overview of the new sounds and camera words the children have learnt.  The children are doing lots of writing in sentences and will be writing ‘What Am I?’ bug clues, butterfly diaries, instructions to plant beans, labels for our herbs and lots more.  Talk to your children about finger spaces and full stops whenever you are looking at text or writing at home.  ‘Talk For Writing’ went brilliantly last term and the children produced amazing work.  This term we will use Eric Carle’s classic Hungry Caterpillar story as a starting point.

Some things to remember:

-P.E kits should be returned ASAP.  When (if ) the sunshine appears P.E will take place outside.  Please provide appropriate footwear (daps/trainers).  Look out for signs on your classroom door soon.

-Forest school sessions will happen on site, once a week for the duration of Term 5.  Please can children bring in old trainers/wellies that you don’t mind getting a bit mucky.

-Stay and Play will start in week 1/2.  This is an opportunity for you to come into the classrooms and play with your children until 9.20 once a week.  Siblings are welcome but we kindly ask that they are carefully supervised by yourselves.  Please see classroom doors for your child’s morning.

-Children are entitled to free school milk until they are 5 years old and a piece of school fruit every day for our afternoon snack.  Please provide one piece of fruit and a drink of water from home for morning snack.  If your child would like to have milk after their 5th birthday, please see the office for details of how you can pay the Dairy directly.

Remember! Your child is entitled to a free meal which includes the salad bar or hot school meal option.  The school packed lunch will be reintroduced shortly.