Latest News


We have lots to celebrate at the beginning of Term 5- Mrs. Percival-Haines has had a gorgeous baby boy and we are all delighted for her. We also have a ‘Super Hero’ in our midst as one of our children won that accolade in the Bristol Young Heroes Awards this month. More details are on Facebook, along with lots of photos.

Summer Term

We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break and are ready for the new term next week. This is just a reminder that we start on Monday 9th April, with the new menu coming into force on week 1. Information on the projects for each class can be found in the booklets we handed out in Term 1, with copies of these available here on the website on the relevant class pages.


We have received the final Ofsted report this week which has been sent to all families via email or by hand to those without a current email address. A copy can also be found on the website in the ‘About’ section. We are pleased we have again been judged a Good school reflecting the quality teaching and resources we provide. There are a number of action points for Governors and school staff which we will of course be addressing over the forthcoming months and will keep you informed about through the regular Newsletters.


You may have heard/ read that a number of schools have received bomb threats. We are NOT one of those affected but have received further information from the Police. Over 400 schools across the country have been sent emails at random with the suggestion of a bomb threat. Our advice is to continue with our usual security measures and vigilance, which we are doing. There is no reason to be alarmed, but of course anyone seeing anything suspicious should always contact the Police directly.

Snow-Monday update

We are open today, with a little disruption as some staff may be late. Please be aware we are keeping the rear gates locked as we won’t have time to grit these routes, however the side gate and both front gates are open. Take great care on your way to us as although the roads are generally clear, the pavements are quite icy as are some side roads. If you are going to be late don’t worry!

Hatch cam!!

The eggs have arrived (we have some in the main school and more in the nursery). They are due to hatch from around Wednesday so keep an eye on our live webcam to see what is happening:

We want you to share this as much as you can- don’t worry if you see them hatch and they look a little lifeless- this is normal and they WILL perk up!


We are so excited!!!! On Monday we are having two brooder boxes and eggs (one for Nursery, one for the main school) so that we can hatch our own chicks. We are also hoping to be streaming them 24 hours a day so you can look from home to see what’s happening. It will be wonderful for the children to see the eggs hatch.


School will be open as normal from Monday 5th March. The class assembly for 3M will take place next Friday.


As per the messages yesterday, we are currently open and ready for World Book Day! However, the forecast continues to be poor and a decision on whether we need to close early today and looking ahead to tomorrow will be made this morning.


Disruption is likely at the end of this week due to the weather, so please keep an eye on the website, Facebook pages and emails for communication from school. We make the decision on closure after checking with the site team that a) they can get here, and b) the site can be clear enough for children to access the building safely; we then have to check that we have staff to ensure safe supervision- our staff do not live close to the school (from Midsomer Norton to Yate, Bath to Weston etc.). We will endeavour to make any decision by 7.30am.