Latest News


We are aware that several schools in the area are closed today as they are without water, however we do have water and are open! It’s a normal school day folks. 🙂


We have been awarded the Sainsbury’s Silver Award for all the sport we do in school. Each year we participate in a very wide variety of events across the city and beyond, plus we offer a great range of opportunities for the children. We are really grateful to Mr. Evans who leads sport in the school, but he is supported by a huge team of people including Mr. Boon, Mr. Dyer, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Roe, Mr. Whiddington and Mrs. Galliford to name a few. Thanks everyone!


All the children’s Annual Reports have now been handed out, along with key assessment information. Children at the end of a keystage will also have had their formal test results, which again have been good for us this year. If you need to discuss the Report please contact your class teacher who will be happy to help.


Thank you to the Friends of School, who once again organised a fantastic Summer Fair for us last week. The event was very well attended by both parents and ex-pupils alike, with the final monies currently being counted. We also had a lot of really lovely comments about the school and how happy the children are, which is also always good to hear!


Thank you to everyone for such a great sports day. Everyone had a fun day with a great range of activities testing their skills. The event was well attended and the BBQ from our catering team was lovely.

Don’t forget the next big event- summer fair next Friday!


Sports Day is next Wednesday! Don’t forget to check the Newsletter for the timings for your child(ren), and please join us for lunch- 11.45am for those of you who have stayed for the morning, and 12.30 for those coming ready for the afternoon. The weather forecast is warm, so please bring drinks, hats and suncream. Hopefully another wonderful event.


Year 1 children will again have the exciting opportunity to visit Weston-super-Mare during term 6. We have sent out the permissions and information using CareMonkey, which is now our method for sending out letter to you. There are approximately 20 families in Year 1 not yet signed up- please do so asap or see your class teacher for details.


We have been discussing the forthcoming election with the children at school, linking it to their learning and the rights they have. Please DO talk about the election at home with your children in whichever way you feel is appropriate and encourage them to use their votes in school when we ask their opinions. We try to model ‘citizenship’ to the children (in a global and local manner) and so it is important to use your vote on June 8th so that children can see democracy in action. This isn’t a plea on behalf of any political party, just please use your vote.


We have changed our Facebook page to make this into a closed group, with new members being verified by staff or nominated parents from the school. The new page is called ‘West Town Lane Academy Official’ and is linked from the old page. It will be populated with new photos in the next few days, and the old page will be archived in the summer. Please look us up now as we know the page is extremely popular!


The Bristol Evening Post has today printed a list of Bristol schools and the cuts we need to make over the next couple of years due to the reduced central budget, citing that West Town Lane is losing 11 teachers. Whilst the budget cuts will hit us as our funding from the government is reducing considerably, we will not be losing 11 teachers. The Governing Body met last week to discuss our budget, and as we have our other funding streams as listed in previous newsletters and good financial management, the reductions over the next twelve months are minimal. This will need to be reviewed as the cuts are being phased in over the next 2-3 years, but we can assure you we will do everything we can to continue to provide the current level of resources for the children. Inevitably the number of staff may have to reduce as the cuts are significant and we need support in fighting this, however we do not want to alarm you in thinking 11 teachers are going.